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    * Do I need a permit?     

        Each town or city has its own rules for when it is required , but a good rule of thumb is all structural work requires a permit, and most decorative work does not. Each town or city has there own rules and fees for permits.....bottom line you need to check with your town first.

    * Do I need to hire the Sub- contractors?( plumber, electrician, etc.)

No you do not need to hire the sub's. I have other professionals like myself that I have worked with in the past, and can bring to your project with confidence in the work and pricing. However I have no trouble working with a professional tradesman who is a friend of the family or relative.....Bottom line you can find your own subs if you wish, or I can do it for you.

    * Will this project increase the value of my home?

YES ... always yes. anything done professional and right can't help but increase the value of your home. whether you are repairing your home to make it as good as it was before, or your adding new features to your home to modernize it, I mean it's just common sense.

    * Is your work guaranteed

Yes all my work is guaranteed for at least one year from the date of completion. But on much of my work I give a five year written guaranty. I am also willing to give each job and customer there own guaranty for that project for a duration that we work out. this comes in handy with troublesome roof leaks, or problems others have failed to solve. I am always confident in my work and I want you to be too.

    * Can I get a better price by doing more than one project?

Sometimes. If you do 2 projects that use similar tools and materials such as roofing and gutters yes I can usually give you a break. But if the projects are very different, such as Roofing and tiling a bathroom floor your not likely to get much of a break.

    * How much money do I have to put down?

Most projects require 1/3 up front. 1/3 at the half way point of the project, and the remainder upon completion. Some smaller jobs require 1/2 the money up front, and the balance upon completion. And some must be paid in advance

    * What if something unexpected comes up?

This is common in the field of carpentry, Dry rot, termites, carpenter ants  have always been a problem for carpenters. If anything other than what was in the original contract comes up, I always discuss it with you so you can have the choice of seeking out your own contractor to do those repairs, or have me price and repair them. Ether way nothing happens with out your knowledge.


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