Let me tell you a little about myself:

After High School I tried alot of different jobs. But nothing seemed to fit. I needed to feel that I had done something I could be proud of. After working in the construction trades for awhile I found that I loved working with my hands, and could take pride in my work at the end of the day. I could show people what I had done. I loved working with tools and learning all they could do and all I could do with them. As time went on, like most journeyman carpenters I would do side projects at night and on the weekends. I learned to make cabinets and furniture in my mother’s basement. Over time I had so many side projects that I needed to attend to, that I found I could no longer work for others, so I started out on my own. I have never really wanted to become a giant company with a ton of employees and all the worries that come with it. I instead wanted to be recognized as true craftsmen. With an eye for detail, and that personal touch. I make all the cuts and do all the installation. That makes me responsible for the whole project. I like to take pride in everything I do, whether it is installing a closet door, or building an addition to your home. If you have a project or a problem around your home or business that needs a good carpenter, then I am your guy.


Level Headed Carpentry

Derry NH


Toll Free  1-886-Level-It

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